Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I'm just too busy right now.

We got the tree up.  The house is kinda/sorta decorated.  Lights on the tree.  No ornaments yet, but we've got a day or two.  No presents under the tree, but that's okay, too.

I made a list today of all that I needed to do.  Nineteen items.  Then I went back and highlighted the ones that I HAD to do today.

Driving to the office, I kept remembering more things.  I was trying to add to my list while I was driving.  Which could have led to "pick up the car from the body shop", item #36.  Because I could easily wreck the car, while thinking and writing and driving simultaneously.

I made it.  I accomplished most of the highlighted stuff.

On to the rest tomorrow.


annie said...

I knew when I saw that title on my sidebar that I had to get over here and read it, just so I could say amen to it!

I am glad you got some items crossed off your list. Our tree is still rather naked too...

Patty P said...

Still haven't even put the tree up.

La Sarah said...

mom i love you. and this Christmas is going to be amazing no matter how dysfunctional things seem. I know a lot of things are stressing you out, but know that there really should be no stress when it comes to us five.i can say for everyone but dave- that we don't have BIG expectations for whats under that tree... and we really should never have big expectations. it's not about that.... and we know that! sorry we haven't been as helpful as we should be. especially with the house. really we loveeee you and all that you do for us.

Lori said...

CLEARLY, you have the most amazing children on the face of the planet!