Monday, December 1, 2008

Sleighbells Ring...Are You Listening?

Here's my workspace today.  I'm finally feeling the Christmas spirit, and ironically I find that I'm at exactly the same spot geographically as I was last year.  Except it was snowing then.  Today, it's just sunny - a rather optimistic day, I think.

In this picture you'll see the Gingerbread House Kit that David and I will tackle this afternoon.  You see my trusty Dell, open to Twitter, where I find fascinating things like this free Christmas song by Sara Groves, thanks to my blog buddy Kim.  If you could hear this picture, you'd hear that cute little song of Christmas angst...

Make note of the PCC coffee cup, the external speakers, the Imagine Christmas production sheet, my bottle of chewable vitamin C (hoping to ward off the 'yuck' that seems to be lurking right behind my left eye).  And see the sunshine streaming in the windows?

Happy first of December, all!

Just to show how hard we're working, here's a few shots of last night's edit project.   Pardon the quality - it's my phone camera...
See how enthusiastic Sandy looks?  I think she was mad because I was 30 minutes late.  Can you blame her?  And how about Christine, looking all executive-like at Chauncey's desk?  She was messing with her Crackberry all night.  Taught herself how to text!  Go, Christine!
Here's Regina, who knows how to do things that most of us can only imagine.  She is the video edit QUEEN.

Imagine Christmas?  I am!


scotirish said...

I have read of many churches celebrating Christmas with Pageants that include an actual baby portraying the role of 'baby Jesus'. Our first child Ruth, was born December 12th, 1981 and was chosen to be 'baby Jesus' for our church's (Reba Place Fellowship) Christmas Eve service. Last year, our grandson, Charlie, born on Oct. 19th 2008, was chosen, also at Reba Place Fellowship. But in prison no such ritual exists.

I wasn't even thinking about babies being in Christmas plays back in 1972. This was yet another year in prison the difference being this was my first Christmas as a christian. The Christmas service held new meaning for me as we sang the traditional Christmas Carols bringing with it a hope for a new life with a redeemed future. Christian volunteers were apart of our service at the U. S. Medical Center for Prisoners in Springfield, Mo.

As our service wound to completion a cry was heard. The faint whimpering of a baby. My first thought was that I wasn't hearing what I thought I had heard. I had been in prison for many years and had never even seen a baby inside of a prison (not counting my infrequent times in the visiting room.) But there it was again, a baby crying. Someone, a volunteer, had brought their baby into the service wrapped in a blanket unnoticed by the guards. I then thought, there was our 'baby Jesus'.

The parents of the yet unknown child were the children of an older couple (Lloyd and Nita Colbaugh) who had only a few years previously began their ministry to the prison. Even the great-grandmother (Mom Carter) was a volunteer and had played a significant role in my own conversion, telling me that God had a plan for my life.

Life would go on and the incident of 'baby Jesus' coming to prison would fade to a memory, until the baby grew up and now is known throughout many countries far and wide as acclaimed singer/songwriter Sara Groves.

I hope this story adds to your appreciation of the life of Sara and her family.
John C Thomson

annie said...

Wow! What a cool "extra" story in the first comment here!

I'm catching up (again) on my blog reading.

It made me smile to think of imagining Christmas!

beth said...

I think that's the coolest comment I've ever received.

Way to complete a story, John! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing!

mandy said...

Wow! You are a busy woman right now!!

Mary said...

Keep the spirit, Beth! I'm trying :o)