Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lord, You Are Good And Your Mercy Endureth Forever

Today was my big day.

I spoke in church this morning.  I "gave a talk".  I "shared".  I "preached".  

I finished playing during the music part of the service and then walked to the center of the stage with a stand and my Bible.  I started to talk, and I could see the people in the seats thinking, "What is she doing???  Where's Brian????  What's going on here???"

Because we like things to stay the same (myself included) and this was different.

I had this strange sense that everybody was just watching me, just waiting, wondering, checking things out, not sure if I was going to do or say something ridiculous...and then, at one point, everybody just relaxed and breathed.  And we were all there together, and we stuck together throughout the rest of the message.

It was a very interesting phenomenon.  New to me.

I shared the platform with my brother, which is why I played music AND spoke.  I couldn't pass up the chance.

It was a cool day.  A new milestone for me.  And it felt really great.  

I am grateful for the opportunity and the privilege to stand in that place.

God is good.  And His mercies are new EVERY morning.  Who would have ever thought?


Brian C. Hughes said...

Ahhh. And who would have thought, 10 years ago...5 years ago...2 years ago...that you - Beth Brawley - a woman, with your background and church experience, would preach to a room full of women AND MEN!

God is Good! We are all growing and stretching and learning. And PCC and our people are better for it! Way to Go, Beth! We are all proud of you!

Kelley said...

proud with a capital "P"

Connie K. said...



The whole service flowed well. I really enjoyed your talk. It was great hearing Eric speak. And Kevin did a wonderful job leading us into worship, weaving prayers and thoughts through the music at the beginning. A wonderful day, just the right tone at the end of a very hectic and intense December.

Preach it, sista!

Bill said...

Who would have ever thought.....US...THAT'S WHO!! I so believe in you and have observed you letting God use you for some time. This was such a logical next step....and by the many comments I've read many were touched by your words....sssssoooo....I want that DVD!!!

Bill and Pat Brawley
3800 Pleasant Chapel Rd SE
Newark, Ohio


Jan said...

Beth, I think this is a natural progression of your growth in God. As you gain insight and wisdom we need to hear from you! I have taught a few times on Sunday mornings and I really love it. You and I are communicators at heart, we just generally use the medium of music. But that desire to share and teach is still there even in that gifting. I wish I could have heard you. I am very proud of you. I know that it was a big step.

I know your congregation was blessed!! You go girl!

Scott said...

Well, I thought you did a stellar job preaching. (What's this "give a talk" stuff?)

You are exceedingly dynamic and provided a very meaningful meal for the congregation.

Thank you!