Friday, June 19, 2009

Art, Art, I Want You

There are some artists at PCC. You're seeing some of their work on Sundays, as they use the inspiration and imagination that God gave them to help us create an environment on the stage that suits the message and the series.

They're also creating things at home -cards, paintings, sculptures, graphics. They're serving in Power Jam and helping with Mega Camp.

They're everywhere!

Maybe you're one of them, too. In hiding.

We're having some conversations about how to bring more art to worship, more art to Powhatan - about opening the doors to some incredibly exciting and somewhat unbelieveable ideas.

We're dreaming big.

Want to dream with us?

Comment below, or find the PCC Visual Artists group on Facebook.

And take a look at this. It's extremely cool.


dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

Hi Beth,
First, please contribute this to creative fuZion lab. It is fantastic.
Also encourage your team to start taking pictures, sharing and blogging about it.
I really am looking forward to seeing these elements implimented in your worship.

Connie K. said...

Really liked this video:

Plant seeds.
Don't care too much.

Thanks for the post. There is momentum.

Visited the Va Beach Art Show this weekend. Awesome stuff. What was most striking, throughout all the different art media there:

COLOR. lots of it.

gonna go play with some color this summer.

Angie said...

Ok, so i have failed to take pictures of our set... from day one (The Rocks). I have a few... I will post.

Like that vid.


Connie...let's go play with some color!