Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's A New Season

This is Sarah, in Germany.

I'm so happy for her - what a terrific opportunity! We saw her off last week at Dulles - watched her walk through security and into a great adventure. I cried - just a little.

But when I saw this picture - capturing that somewhat shy smile, in a place I've never stood, I realized that my little girl is gone for what feels like a very long time.

And I cried - a lot.

But it's a good thing, isn't it - this changing of seasons, this growth and unfolding of a young life? She has so much to experience.

And my seat for this ride is a privileged one - and unique to me.

A new season of motherhood. It comes with some tears, but a great newfound joy as well.

And again, I know that I am, indeed, blessed.


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Just Be Real said...

New to your blog dear one. I hear and feel your pain. Thank you for being honest.


Patty P said...

Sieht aus, wie sie eine Frosch├╝berschwemmung dort haben.

Verstehen Sie nicht? Ich auch nicht.