Sunday, August 30, 2009


Several folks have asked about the closing song from today's service. "Overcome" by New Life Worship is a powerful song that grew out of the challenges they faced at their church. It's a great reminder of who and what we believe to be true. (Purchase the original here.)

Sometimes a piece of music comes on that just seizes you and won't let go - because of the truth of what it says or where it comes from. Often, we have emotional responses to particular songs that have a lot to do with our own circumstances. However, from time to time, a song comes along that seems to have an immediate connection, a lasting impact and an effect on an entire group of people. Songs like "Amazing Grace" and "Holy, Holy, Holy" have endured through the years in houses of worship, while countless other hymns have fallen away and been forgotten. I believe that certain songs are anointed - literally "dedicated to the service of God", no matter when or how they are used.

Songwriters today still find new, fresh ways to express praise and thanksgiving to God. Songs are still born that seem to connect and put words to that which is unspoken and in our heart.

I'd love to hear from you - is there a song that you believe is anointed with an inexplicable something that makes it powerful for worship?

Here's the link from New Life, with an amazing demonstration of heart-felt worship. If you don't know the story behind the challenges faced by their church, you can check that out here; maybe then you'll have even greater appreciation for the power of these words they sing.

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mary (elizabeth) said...

This song is phenom. It gave me chills today & watching this video did the exact same thing.

I have a list of songs that just have 'it'...they take me to a whole different level. My personal song that just speaks volumes about my love of Jesus is of course, Inside Out.

However, I think the song Healer is extremely powerful. Esp if you know the story behind it. God always redeems. God always brings good. The writer of that song was being misleading (a kind way of saying, lying) and God still uses that song. That song will make a room go quiet, chill bumps rise, and tears fall. It happens anytime it's played.

Apparently..there's an HU theme in my life... :) Those are my two that stood out-personal & overall. :)

This song has officially been added!

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

Oh yes....