Sunday, September 20, 2009


Just saw this awesome video.

A young violinist, in her first rock-n-roll gig.

Playing with her dad.

Who happens to be my brother.

Which makes her my neice.

I'm flapping my hands, and processing a priceless combination of pride, love and something I can't even name. Except it has something to do with the gift of song and love for my family. And it brings a huge smile to my face.


mary (elizabeth) said...

I heart Whiskeytown!

I think your brother is so cool.

I think your niece is cooler. ;)

Wow. Wow. Too bad I don't have some of that Case gene in me...the talent runs deep.

Loved this.

Anonymous said...

Watch Out Allison Krause!
I like your brother, but noone can touch you hornsby! what a family!

Anonymous said...

I actually clapped at the end. :)

This is beautiful in so many ways, including all the ones you can't figure out how to name. Give a girl a sense of being a part of something beautiful and bigger than herself. Wow.

PLUS ALSO a merch table.

Connie K. said...

Wow! The Case family certainly swims deep in the musical gene pool! Emily is an awesome young violinist.
Y'all need to do one giant family concert someday. I mean it. Some sort of fundraiser...and of course, the merch table. Think about it.

annie said...

So cool! I can see why you would be proud!