Thursday, September 3, 2009

Leadership Conference

I'm honored to have received an invitation to speak at the 2009 Leadership Development Conference for Central Virgina Baptist Ministries. I get to talk about creative technology and the impact of social media on the church.

Hopefully I'll figure out a definitive answer before the conference. Then, maybe I'll solve the American health care crisis.

Seriously, I've enjoyed researching info for this talk. I'm looking forward to it!

If you're interested in Leadership Development, Central Baptist Style, check out the registration info here. The conference itself is free, but you can get yourself a good dinner for a mere $7. The event is September 28 at Bon Air Baptist Church. I'm not particular about wanting you to come hear me; there are a ton of sessions offered that might be of interest to you. Check it out!

I've met some great people through CVBM - folks like Lee Ellison and Jim Hamacher and Nita May. Looks like this conference will be another great opportunity to get folks together.

Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

Hey Hornsby.....I'm really proud of you!....just rmemeber at a Baptist speaking engagement, It's 3 main points and an invatation.How cool for the people who will hear you.
We'll be praying for you I know you'll be awesome!
by the way I heard you're engaged....conga rats!

Bill said...

You are so God qualified for this gig, dear! Congratulations! I'd come but I'm not Baptist!