Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our Building Is Good

What a great day today - the very first Sunday service at PCC's first permanent facility on Anderson Highway.

I was overwhelmed, all day long. There were many, many moments - many firsts. From the opening prayer at 9:05 when the room filled with VOLUNTEERS who were serving all over the building - like 100 of them - it was an amazing day full of surprises and emotion.

At one point, at the end of "He Is Yawheh", I glanced over at Elijah and Marc, who were making incredible rhythmic patterns on the percussion gear, and I thought to myself, "REMEMBER THIS. BE IN THIS MOMENT. THIS IS A MOMENT. BE PRESENT."

After waiting for weeks/months/years and pressing toward this day, hoping to turn a corner and get past this part of our mission, I didn't want to miss anything.

And I think I grasped most of the day. It flew by too quickly but I was there, I remember, and it was GOOD.

Help us out, if you will. If you were with us today, help us evaluate (like Brian mentioned in the message). Let us know two things - you can answer in the comments below:

1. What worked really well today?

2. What would you like to see improved before you invite your friends and neighbors to come?

We appreciate your perspective - we want to honor God with excellence, and that includes celebrating what worked and improving what did not!

Thanks, in advance, for your help!


Jim Nevius said...

All I can say today is WOW! Everyone did a great job! There was so much energy with God's presence today. Overall it all went well today, at least it looked like it did.

Parking seems like it may be a continuing problem. Maybe more shuttles that are the bus type. A few more seasoned visitors and people with small kids had a little trouble getting in and out of the van. Also, what about moving the services apart another half hour. Some of the best time in church can be spent visiting with everyone before or after church. A little more seperation may help the flow of people in and out of the building and the parking lot.

These are just minor issue that may all work out. I am still excited about today and God is going to do great things with PCC!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought the service today was great. It was uplifting and motivational. The music was awesome and the message was moving. David and I already plan to invite some friends we have recently made in the Powhatan area that currently do not go to church. Thank you all for everything you have done!!!!! said...

I am with you sister! It was amazing! I turned to Dalton and said I need "Yewah" right now and the boys started their awesome drumming into it! You just knew, eh!! (Smile!)
I agree about the spacing of services. I suggest a Saturday night service at some point in the future.
I Love all it! But I am missing focusing on a Cross in the sanctuary or somewhere....(not that it is necessary...just a reminder of the sacrifice.)
I am excited to see what God will do and where he will take all Of us at PCC!!!! God is good all the time!!!! myrna

JulieS said...

An awesome amazing day! So happy and excited to be a part of the PCC family! ~ I wasn't able to get into one of the shuttles because of my short legs (go figure!) - Barry thought maybe having some portable type of step, and also would be safer for everyone, and especially our dear elderly folks. ~ I think some more space between the services is also an excellent idea, so that people can spend time together. Agree wtih what Jim said. ~ All in all, Barry and I were amazed at how wonderful our fist day in our new church home was. ~ We thought it went very smoothly. I was fortunate enough to be at the Welcome Cener today & loved seeing all the smiling faces. - The JOY of the LORD! ~ "Yahweh" is one of my all time fav songs, I have been singing it over and over all day! ... Lucky for my dear husband that there are not any drums in our house!

And while we are stating appreciation for folks, I want to show appreciation to Brian for having the vision to start this church family! And Beth, you rock! And sooooooooooo many others!

Jim Freeman said...

The day was almost perfect.

For me, it was marred by a certain PCC'er who was so dazed that he didn't stop to think or realize that people were patiently waiting in line for the next shuttle back to the Elementry school. When I walked out of the church, I hopped directly into the front seat of the first shuttle I laid eyes on. When I drove back to pick up my wife and family, they told me that I had rudely busted line. I felt like a real oaf. If anyone reading Pastor Brian's blog witnessed that display of obliviousness on my part, please accept my deepest apology. It will never happen again.

Anonymous said...

Overwhelming in a good way for the service; still hard to believe we're in the building even after a service there
To fix--times (either the issues contributing to the time problem or the times themselves) and traffic patterns (hard to get to and from First Steps timely; carrying a little one up/down the steps with so many others rushing was a little unnerving)