Thursday, March 4, 2010

Unleash - Service Planning

Notes from Shane Duffey's session on Creating Services @ NewSpring.

Consistency is king. Create a way to do things that allows freedom.

Our "industry" goal is to create a clear vision of who Jesus is. Create a distraction-free environment to present the message of who Jesus is.

Excellence is removing distractions that prevent people from hearing or seeing truth about Jesus.

Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Planning puts things through our filter before it gets into the house so that people can see Jesus.

2. PREPARE (equip)
3. PRACTICE (nothing happens on Sunday that hasn't been seen)

First, the leadership team maps out Perry's teaching schedule - general teaching ideas (series on marriage in the fall, etc). These meetings happen a few times a year.
Weekly, the creative team gets together to plan a service - usually between 3-5 Sundays away. Creative team works off of Perry's notes, sent to SD. (Meeting is 10 - 12 Wednesday) SD sends notes to 8 - 12 people, who read in advance, then come into meeting to walk through the message with Perry. Creative meeting includes talk-through of upcoming Sunday.
This entire process starts with a pastor who works ahead. PN creates that environment. Every few weeks they discuss "theming" the series.
Assistant to SD makes a list of everything that needs to be done; all those responsible for executing the service report to him. His job is to make sure it all gets done.
8:00 tech run has a HARD START where they run it EXACTLY as it is in the service.
After 9:15 service, if something doesn't work, they drop it.
Multi-site feeds are on a 5 minute delay.
Technical people see technical things; they are often self-correcting. Creative meetings are to evaluate how the people in the seats are experiencing the service.
NewSpring leadership trusts their ability to discern between valid criticism and personal preference. They do not do surveys or seek out third-party opinions. Their primary marker is whether or not people are receiving Christ.
Distractions include bad notes in songs; lagging lyrics; a creative element that has nothing to do with the main point. Distractions capture attention from Jesus.
Know each leader's primary purpose - the senior pastor should typically lead the church and preach the word. Leaders need to be informed but not necessarily involved in everything. Honest communication helps leaders stay balanced. He should never be surprised. He should not dictate.

Primary worship leader leads weekly meeting where set lists are planned that work at each campus. MULTISITE - WE DONT' WANT A BUNCH OF NEWSPRING CHURCHES. WE WANT NEWSPRING IN A BUNCH OF PLACES. There is flexibility; they invite everybody to invest. Don't strangle a campus by forcing a song without personnel to maintain excellence. By inviting everybody into the planning process, you can avoid difficult conflicts.
EX: Kids on stage at one campus, not as many kids at another - add a chorus to a song to stretch it out.
"Need To Know" - 10B4 - great bumper, announcement, etc.

Perry gives basic notes; creative staff can read between the lines as necessary. Scripture, questions, illustrations, stories. Only the senior pastor can create advance prep margin for the creative team.
Everything we do as a staff member or volunteer is holding up the arms of our pastor as he leans into this calling from God to lead the church.
SD (creative arts director) and his assistant are responsible for communicating the changes that come in preparation. You must think of EVERYBODY who will be affected.
In group meetings, the Holy Spirit is in everybody. If you are challenged to decide, if there is a difference of opinion, they either defer to PN or to next week.
At Anderson Campus they have two full-time lighting people.
Band rehearsal is Monday night; it is recorded and the lights are cued in for the show based on the recording. Same for the audio mix - cues from the rehearsal audio. Camera shots, video set up on Sunday AM.
Last minute calls are rare. PN has only done it 3-4 times in the past 10 years. You're asking for trouble in terms of having excellence.

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