Friday, February 11, 2011

A Time For Everything, Including Some Photos

I kind of, sort of, just don't know what to think today.

I know I wanted to just stay in bed. And that's after crawling into bed about 9:30 last night. I didn't even change clothes...just left a mess in the kitchen, told the kids goodnight and got under the covers.

But staying in bed is boring. And pointless. There is much to do, in spite of the fact that I really don't want to do anything. So: here we go.

After spending some time with Bob Pino's family last night, we have a service order for tomorrow. Bob left some very precise instructions about what he wanted for this day. It's been good to work through how to honor his requests and honor the process. I'm going to spend some time today making sure everything is ready for tomorrow (11:00AM Saturday, February 12, at Powhatan Community Church, 4480 Anderson Highway). It's actually really cool to be executing his planning; feels like a really cool project that we're working on together. We did the same in October for Bob and Jeannie's renewal of their vows, and it was a great service.

And I also have to spend time this morning learning Vince Gill's "Go Rest High On That Mountain", because another family lost a loved one and will gather to mourn his loss this afternoon.  That is their song request. I didn't know this gentleman, but I do know the family, and so Brian and I will be with them this afternoon.

That's really messing with my head today - trying to disassociate from the particulars and simply play my part in what the grief process requires. Working on two separate services for two different men; completely separate experiences, and yet the same loss, the same process. Really reminds me today of the scripture - and the hard reality - that "there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die".

We all meet the same end. And those left behind will mourn. And then carry on. These next 48 hours, I am going to learn new things about how to mourn and carry on. Bottom line, that's a lesson worth learning.

And even thought I didn't want to get out of bed today, I'm up for it. I'm gonna get over myself and get it done. 

Following are a few photos from my files; I know that some of Bob and Jeannie's friends and family are landing on this blog. Just thought you might like to share in some of our memories. These are for you.

With my daughter Sarah; he gave her the privilege of calling him "Poppy", and he called her his Princess.

Sarah had a great photo session with Bob and Jeannie. Love this...

At our wedding in December 2010

Watching our friend Dick take off his belt at our wedding. We laughed about that for a long time; the expression on his face was exactly what he asked later. "What the heck was THAT about?"

Making a toast...

How most of us at PCC remember meeting Bob

Worshiping at PCC in the high school...


Connie K. said...

Glad you got out of bed and shared your thoughts and these wonderful photos. Praying for you today.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed everyday how God uses us to press forward in the most difficult of times. All along knowing how much we will grow in his GRACE. Beth you are the song in God's heart and the blessing in all of us that know you. Thank you for supporting, andn supporting and supporting all of his people.
Cindy B

Stephanie Blankenship-Stauffer said...


The funeral you played at yesterday was for my next door neighbor. Unfortunately I was unable to attend due to work, but my husband, son, and brother were there. Thank you for taking the time to be a part of that service and know that it was greatly appreciated.

Stephanie Blankenship-Stauffer

Anonymous said...

I was there too .. I didn't see Baby Jerry? Boo (Laura) and Stu are my family.
Thank you Beth, so very much, for learning the song. It was amazing, you are amazing. We so appreciated both you and Brian being a part of it.

Anonymous said...

Beth, I personally want to say thank you for all you do, but especially for learning that song for the Kelly family. It meant so much to all of us and you sang with such meaning, and Amazing Grace was just, well "amazing". We all appreciate you and Brian for being there for our family. May God Bless you. Thanks again.
Kelly, Clodfelter, Barnett families.