Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

As much as possible, I tried to disengage today. Brian said, "Take a day off. Take two days off. You need it."

My gut reaction was to wave him off, dig in and plow through...

But then I changed my mind.

So today was a quiet day, with a few interruptions and some last minute panic as I tried to get some Valentine's stuff together (want to know where my kids' come by their tendency to procrastinate? Just look at me...) I did laundry. I did dishes. I moved slowly. I got some extra sleep.

Tony took possession today of The Thing That Will Change Our Lives Forever (more on that later). He said, "Meet me here at 4:30. I made reservations for us." So I put on a little black dress and a little polka dot sweater and met him (albeit 10 minutes late...)

To my surprise, our friends showed up, too. Apparently the men in our lives had cooked up a special treat for us. And then, again to our surprise, a limousine pulled up!

If I've ridden in a limo before, I don't remember. This was a great treat - we had balloons and chocolate and beads (?) and a copy of the Globe, in case we needed something to read. Ha.

And then we had a tremendous dinner at Carrabas, a place where all four of us had shared meals with Bob and Jeannie Pino in the past. We raised our bread to Bob.

My husband never fails to surprise me, in unforgettable ways. He does the unexpected. He goes the extra mile. He is generous and kind. And tons of fun. And tonight, I felt special.

Which goes a LONG way to easing me out of the valley and back into the light.


Brandee Shafer said...

Oh, I just love you, and I'm so happy for you in your being loved, and in love. I have never talked to Tony, before, but--listening to him on Saturday--I thought: I can tell that I would really like him if I knew him. So good for you for picking a great guy, and I'm so happy that you got to dress up today, even though I'm still in my jamas and can't remember (again) if I've brushed my teeth, today? (((hugs))) You're GREAT! And YAY for polka dots! said...

I adore your relationship with tony and his qualities that you make the reader "feel" through photos, words and inuendos.........the love
the respect ......the generosity and patience that you tell about without really saying it makes me smile.....and feel warm.......yes to be loved be really loved is present in your writings and I smile, even if I have had a rough day........thank you for making that happen.......even in your grief
reminds me only of 2 other human beings that I have known in my life to have that gift......

happy "love" day