Saturday, July 2, 2011


1. I drove Syd and Shannon to Dulles yesterday for their flight to Macedonia. What should have been a quick five hour turn-around took 10 hours. Hello, Friday on a July 4th weekend in DC traffic!
2. David had his first shopping experience at IKEA, since we had to pull over somewhere to rest. And there it was - a huge blue box of comfort and joy and air conditioning! $300 later, our bellies were full of Swedish goodness (cheap, good food!) and we were ready for the next leg of the Never Ending Drive.
3. Did I mention that Big Red's A/C was only blowing hot air? And that it was 96 degrees yesterday? That'll wear you out.
4. We listened to Christmas music during the drive. For the first time in years, I am excited about Christmas at PCC! Planning ahead is good!
5. IKEA purchases were for the store, so when we hit Powhatan around 11PM, we went directly to Powhatan Music & Sound to have fun with allen wrenches. I love IKEA picture people.
6. Found Tony, Jim Wheeler and Daniel at the end of THEIR 14-hour day. They were as tired as we were, but they had A/C.
7. I put together three chairs and stocked reeds and strings. This took several hours.
8. At 2:30AM, David started saying, "Mom - are you sleepy? I'm not sleepy. Not at all. But we could go home. But if we do, I'm just gonna watch tv. I'm not sleepy. Are you sleepy? I'm not sleepy."
9. We came home around 3:30AM. My boys worked hard. I am so proud of them.
10. I spent another 30 minutes printing some materials for this morning.

This means that I went to sleep around 4AM, as did the proprietor of Powhatan Music. And yes, it's opening day - and you would think that we would be there at the break of dawn to be cleaning up and readying the place. But we are night owls - hello? - we are musicians!!! - and we did all that last night.

So, Mom and Dad - this is why, when you called at 8:30AM, we were indeed still asleep. But no worries: it's 10:30, the store is open and we're headed into another 20-hour day!

And life is good.

P.S. The Macedonia team arrived safely. Yay!


Connie K. said...

Ah the the entrepreneurial life! Congratulations !

Gorgeous Girl Gossip said...

So excited for PM&S!! I may stop by today :) Voice lessons sayeth your website, yes?