Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Looking For Balance

I've been busy. Oh, so busy.

Last week, a friend told me that by his count, I had five full-time jobs.

Piano teacher.
Small business owner.
Something else, but I can't remember right now. (Is being a wife a job? No, I don't think so...)

Well, whatever it is, I'm probably doing it.

And lately, it's all been pretty overwhelming.

My husband opened a store. We're in the music business, and we've planted ourselves smack dab in the middle of Powhatan Village, which is a GREAT place to be.

We've opened a music store, and people are coming. And spending money. And signing up for lessons. And buying equipment. And asking questions.

I'm teaching there a few days each week, and supporting and encouraging Tony along the way. I'm proud of him and I'm excited.

And I'm exhausted.

Did I mention that we are also moving, in about 10 days, into a house that we'll be renovating in the next two months?

Life's a crazy ride right now. But honestly, it's not all bad. I just have to find balance.

I know I have it somewhere. It's buried up in my room, underneath a pile of laundry.

What we did today - organized (balanced!) a huge inventory of music. Woo hoo!

1 comment:

Brandee Shafer said...

Renovator=5th job.

Take your vitamins, Mrs. Thang. And stay hydrated.

Praying for you, (Crazy, Beloved Lady).