Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shout Out To Mike Sessler

This is Mike Sessler.

This blog post is a shout out to Mike Sessler.

Mike is the Technical Arts Director at a large church in California. At some point, I stumbled upon Mike's blog and have religiously read his posts in an attempt to have intelligent conversations about things completely unknown to me.

Techy things.

I'm amazed and astounded at what is doable in the digital media world, and I only appreciate about a tenth of all that's going on. From my vantage point in my role at PCC, I understand the basics of lights, audio, graphics and video - but these days a basic understanding will get you, basically, nowhere. In the church world, Technical Arts are just that - both artistic and technical. Add ministry and team leading to the mix and you've got a very interesting job description.

Mike writes in a way that helps me navigate the waters of unfamiliar seas. I get leadership and ministry and arts, but technical knowledge has flown way beyond me. Mike inspires and informs and writes like he's just a doggone nice guy; one that knows what he's talking about.

So shout out to the blog - check it out here - but also shout out to Mike for giving me 20 minutes of his time via telephone yesterday for an impromptu interview. He let me pick his brain for a few moments, which gave me a fresh perspective and some excellent insight.

He's a doggone nice guy. Smart, too. Smart, nice people who aren't afraid to help others make the world a better place.


spookyrach said...

Smart, nice people who aren't afraid to help others make the world a better place = way cool.

annie said...

What Spooky said!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Three cheers for nice guys!!! That is what is going to change the world!

And just look at that cute smile.

Lois said...

Nice guys rock!

Nice guys who know how to navigate the world of technology?

Priceless...! :)

Ayekah said...

what Rach and Diane said.... and techno savy.... cool