Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More! More! More! And Cody Moss!


My crew - Sam, Cody, me and a bunch of new friends.

Notice how every photo has happy people in it; we are HAPPY!

It was community night at our camp. We invited our homeowners and their friends, family and neighbors to come visit us. It was a ton of fun!


Daniel H - pensive. Jonathan - who knows? Daniel B - balloon animal.

Beautiful Bella!

More happy girls.

He got his mom an avocado - picked it right off the tree!
Two of Syd's friends from Juana Diaz.

Jess and Josh. And the shades.

Syd and Morgan E leading their kids in "Happy Day" and "Revolotion".

Caught him smiling...

Kaitlin and Mason. More happy.

Katie playing ball during community night.

Allen and Morgan - happy!

Ross playing ball.

Nikki and Jordan


Regina said...

Everyone DOES look happy, Beth! I have to say it's been quiet around my house. I daresay it's been quiet around Powhatan:) There's a lot of people praying for the mission teams and I feel especially at ease with my child being (how many miles away is she?) however many miles away. Have a fantastic finish this week! See you soon!

JackieHeberle said...

These posts and these pictures make me happy beyond measure!

And a few tears, if I am honest. Happy tears, for sure.

Our God is such an awesome God--that he would trust us with His work. And it looks like you are doing a mighty fine job!

Kelley with an "e" said...

As we spent the last two days painting and window inserting...I constantly stopped and thought 'Hmmm. Wonder what the PR team is doing right now (besides sweltering) and feel honored to know that even though we are in two different countries that we have the same goal: to be His hands and feet. Honored to be a part of the team. Praying and loving you all.... Kelley