Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Puerto Rico World Changers Update

I never thought I was capable of this.

I'm so excited that my youngest child is only 13.


I'm coming back, baby. And YOU ought to think about coming, too.

We're working like crazy, with very little down time. I snuck into the office to try to share a few photos; but we're all separated all day long at our individual work sites - so I don't have much. I do have Sam Allen and Cody Moss on my team, so I'm taking photos of those guys.

And seriously - I'M BUILDING A HOUSE. Andy Heberle, I have so much respect for you. But I'M LEARNING TO DO IT, TOO!!!

You are praying: we can feel it. There have been some amazing stories of transformation here, some deep conversation and overall, incredible stuff.

Keep praying. Tomorrow will be a hard, long day. It's incredibly hot outside as we work as well as inside - there is NO a/c in our sleeping quarters. It's challenging.

But it's worth it. Every single sweaty second. Every time I hit my thumb with the hammer. Every time we stand in line with 120 other sweaty people to eat eggs and ham.

Every single time.

We say, "Jesus died for you. You ought to be able to do this." 

No kidding.

Trip of a lifetime.

Here's  few shots.


Love both of these kids.

A game of some sort; they do this while standing around outside.

Happy! Happy! Happy!


He said, "Miss Beth - you gotta take a picture. The dog is smiling!"

Sam's a sucker for animals...

Me! I'm building a house!


Unknown said...

I looked at the pic with Natasha, Mackenzie, and Katie, (is it?), and thought "Wait. I don't know that girl!" heeheehee That's Natasha, right? Looking good, heat or no heat!!

Thanks, as always, for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Awesome to read your updates!! You mentioned pics of Cody... WHERE?!! Want to see my boy! :) Give him a big hug from me!!!
And tell him I said to give you a hug from me :)

Bill said...

You are building more than buildings my dear as you well know! You are building INTO peoples lives...your kids included!!!