Monday, June 25, 2012

Snorkeling Day In Puerto Rico

 The folks who plan the World Changers trips encourage the need for a day or two of acclimation prior to work.

This sort of acclimation is a tremendous blessing.

I could get used to this. But today, we move to the camp at Juana Diaz and get ready to work.

We were in Paraguera, Puerto Rico. I'd like to come back.
Happy girls

Tyler is not fond of being photographed.


It's Daniel Hughes, reading a book. Surprised?

Even the chaperones are happy!

Contemplating life or about to jump?

There's always something there to remind me...

More of the happy.

And more....starting to see a theme?

Figuring out the masks and fins.

The little boat crew.


MORE happy chaperones!

The BIG boat crew.


Susan Hughes said...

Pino's boat! Smiling through the tears at that one.

Angie said...

We are eating lunch at a rest stop. Meredith, mandy, and I are cracking up at the photo of Daniel reading!