Wednesday, October 9, 2013

31 Days: Face To Face

Here's what I noticed today:

There's nothing that matches a good, face to face honest conversation.

Email doesn't cut it.

Facebook won't do it.

Texting is woefully inadequate.

Tell me something that matters, something I need to understand, and look in my eyes while you do it.

Take a deep breath in and breath out your truth, that thing that binds your anxiety; release it, and look at me.

Let me give you not only the benefit of the doubt but also the benefit of the subtle shift in your eyes, the  pursing of your lips, the way you clutch your hands together.

Share your worry and your concern with more than letters strung together, typed in frantic emotion; let me see your face.

Let me see your heart.

We were made for this.


Jayne said...

Wish we lived closer. We'd have some pretty darn awesome conversations, don't you think? :c) xo

Lori said...

truer words never spoken. half the problem with most people today is we have stopped "talking" I hate that.
Great post Beth.

annie said...

How I'd love to sit and talk face to face with you!