Thursday, October 10, 2013

31 Days: Noticing Soup

Last week, I had vertigo.

This week, I have a bad cold.

What's with the recurring annoying illness theme?

Here's what I noticed: When something's important, it gets done.

I tried to work today. Our amazing team picked up the slack on the biggest project on my plate and got it done. I went in for my weekly report meeting with my boss and he sent me home to rest.

God bless him.

What I knew I wanted - and needed - most of all were two things.

1. My own homemade chicken soup.
2. To fulfill my responsibilities for Sunday.

I stopped by the store for orange juice and egg noodles. It took me about 45 minutes to whip up a big pot of soup. I firmly believe there are healing properties in that soup.

I laid down to rest, in between coughing spells.

I got up in time to ride with Tony and Max out to PCC's Riverside Campus, where we're all playing on Sunday. In all my time working with PCC, I can think of only one occasion when I didn't show up to sing or play. (David was sick, and my responsibilities as 'mom' trumped my job.)

But tonight, I went. I believe I'll be better by Sunday, and what we do matters. So we worked through our five or six songs, with both the drummer and I fighting colds. We wrapped it up and made the 50-minute drive back home.

It was time with my husband. It was worth it to feel prepared.

It was important. Regardless of how I felt, both making soup and running rehearsal were imperative. And I noticed this; that while I was immersed in both of those activities, I wasn't quite so cognizant of my cold symptoms. There was certainly an issue when I sang with a frog-like, cracking voice; but overall, while I was doing, it was just getting done.

At the moment, I'm well-aware of the fact that I'm sick. I feel like crap.

I've got time tomorrow to rest and take it easy. Today I did what needed doing.

The afore-mentioned soup.


Sarah Brawley said...

THERE IS POWER IN THAT SOUP! i wish i had a picture so you could post something saying i made it too. it makes everything better.

Jayne said...

Well, it's like the adage says, "Whatever we focus on, gets bigger." Sometimes, we just have to change our focus. :c)