Friday, October 18, 2013

31 Days: The Ultimate Comfort Food

My husband made a quick run to Walmart.

A case of water, eggs, coffee.

He took care of the list, and added this:

He set it on the counter and said, "The ultimate comfort food."

I noticed this: My husband knows me. He loves me. He gets me.

I had a bowl.

(Then, I had another.)

My posts this week are, by necessity, a bit more perfunctory than they have been. My energy is focused in a different direction. My family is grateful for your good thoughts and prayers. Sorry to leave you with brief posts about cereal, but that's all I got right now....


Jayne said...

Comfort food is highly underrated. Let your focus be where it needs to be. xoxo

Brian C. Hughes said...

Cocoa Krispies??? Not a milk shake or a dozen KK's right off the conveyor belt - ready to melt their heavenly therapy right into your mouth? How about a hot fudge sundae or a can of cinnamon rolls (350 degrees and ready in 14 minutes!) Or a bag of double stuff? Or some cook-N-serve banana pudding?

I'd keep going, but I have to run to the store now.