Friday, November 21, 2008

More Than Ever

We're trying to build a church building.  Bricks and mortar cost money.

The economy is in a horrible nosedive.

Seems like a terrible time to try to erect a church building.

These things cost money, you see.  And we're committed, we're in, it's happening.

And churches don't get government grants to raise up buildings.  Nobody else is paying for this.  We pay for this.  We sacrifice, and tithe our 10% - or more - or less - and we sweat and risk God's promises and give our dollars to the church, trusting that letting go of that which we think we need the most might give God the honor he is due.  To all my PCC friends, do you realize this?  Do you know that this building doesn't go up unless you give?  

It's exhilarating and terrifying, all at the same time.

Today, I read Jan's blog and these words caught hold of me:

More than ever, people need what only God can give through the church. And more than ever, we have a responsibility as followers of Jesus.

I'm convinced.  And convicted.



mary (elizabeth) said...

I can relate to this on so many levels. I'm sure that most can. Who can't relate to hard financial times-esp right now? I also know that it'd be much easier to keep my 10% in my pocket. Well, in theory it's much easier. However, if I choose to keep my money to myself; I choose selfishness. I choose to rob the God that gave it ALL to me to begin with. I write my checks, and I step out on faith that the God of all things with provide. He has so far. I believe He'll continue to.

How do I not give to a church that worked so hard to save my life? How can I not financially provide so that God can do His work in others? I ask myself those questions anytime I struggle with selfishness.

I can't wait to walk into that new building. I can't wait to see how many lives will be touched. I can't wait to see the IMPACT of PCC on our county/surrounding counties. Is it about the building? No. It never has been. But it will be nice to have. :)

Bill said...

Me too!