Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pony Pasture

My friend Kelley inspires me to do more with my kids than collapse in exhaustion after running them around.  So today I took them to Richmond to check out Pony Pasture, part of the park system on the James River.  It was a blast.  Having an extra hour of sleep made it possible to do without the standing appointment with the couch for my Sunday afternoon nap.

Fun times.  We took along our buddy Joshua.  Upon hearing our initial plans to go see "nature", he said - with all the politeness he could muster - "Uh, that sounds boring."

But when I told him it was Pony Pasture, he was intrigued.  At one point they were all convinced that we would see ponies there - and if you caught one, you could ride it.  When I began to elaborate on a story of man-eating ponies, I think they stopped believing me.

Regardless, it was a beautiful fall day.  The colors were gorgeous.  Sarah took her camera and captured much of the fun.

Yes, that's a shot of me - your friendly blogger.

I love this girl, and I love how this shot captures her attitude of confidence and self-posession.  She is an amazing, intelligent, creative and beautiful young woman.

And she's still got a lot of kid in her.

As does Syd, who jumped as well.

All of Pony Pasture is littered with rocks.  Reminded me of my own childhood in western PA (yeah, I know - I'm one of those "rednecks" mentioned in the recent political conversation) on French Creek.
Not much better than sisters with true affection for one another.


Ed Schief said...

This reminds me of talking my kids to the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, on the way to Cedar Point. They didn't want to go, but I asked them to keep an open mind.

"Dad, this place is boring--can we go now?"
"Hold's the actual chair Abraham Lincoln was sitting in when he was assassinated. You can still see the blood stains."
" we go now?"
"And here's the very first typewriter--ever."
" we go now?"
"And here's the actual limousine John Kennedy was riding in that day in Dallas!"
" we go now?"

Kelley said...

beautiful... glad I could "inspire you" for a change... cause you know you inspire me DAILY.. love you all


Jayne said...

What a great place for a day's outing. Looks like everyone had a blast!