Saturday, November 15, 2008

Random Saturday Thoughts

A couple things I have discovered this morning:

  • Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza looks great, smells great, tastes great.  But it's an internal nightmare.
  • A nap at 5:30 PM doesn't indicate a normal bedtime later that evening.
  • If I don't have to get up (like to get the kids on the bus, be somewhere, do something), then, frankly, I'd rather not.
  • I have much to do.  The thought of structuring my Saturday around what I need to do, rather than the kids' obligations, is somewhat pleasing to me.
  • If I don't clean my bathroom soon, I might have to report myself to the Health Department.
  • Candy Salyer would be so disappointed in me if she was in my bathroom.  (Seriously, that's who I thought of this morning when I looked around and realized that I could not let this slide one more day.  It's not my mom I worry about anymore; it's Candy Salyer.  Go figure.)
  • Regardless of what time you atually get out of bed, coffee is a necessity.
  • The thought of singing a Jimmy Webb tune to close the church service tomorrow is EXTREMELY pleasing to me.  I need to practice.
*Candy Salyer is the wife of my good friend and co-worker Kevin; Candy is a kind and gentle woman who does a great job of keeping her family organized and CLEAN.  Mostly with a beautiful smile on her face.  I wonder if she ever reads my blog?  'Cause now she's like, famous and all....


Ray said...

Amen on the coffee being a necessity! I'm a total train wreck without it. And thanks for reminding me to clean my bathroom.... before Candy Salyer finds out.

Connie K. said...

Wow...if Candy came to my house she'd probably pass out altogether.

*Shannon said...

hmph. And I'm the one that had to clean that bathroom!! It was worth seeing Twilight though...