Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Setlist 11.9.08

Here's my contribution to the blog carnival at Fred McKinnon's place....

Today was a great day at church.  We wrapped up 'Awaken' with a service on prayer.

Friend of God - Israel Houghton.  Jump up and down!
Lift Him Up - Martha Munizzi.  Jump up and down and slap your hip!

I did an extremely out of breath welcome.

When I Remember - Kim Hill.  Love this old tune; first time we did it in the big room today.  We introduced it a few weeks ago at the Women's Retreat.  Not sure how it worked today - folks didn't seem as engaged I expected them to be.  My eldest says it works better acoustically.

'Coffee With Jesus' - GREAT film about prayer from  Check it out - very, very funny - a little close to home - and well made.  These guys make great products.

The message was excellent; Brian dissected James 5.13-16 and did a fantastic job.

We closed with a reading of the Lord's Prayer from the NIV and The Message - sort of line-by-line statements, read by two junior high guys.  I underscored their words on the grand, Brian came up with some closing words and a prayer.

As It Is In Heaven - Matt Maher.  We introduced this last week and used it again today, which is a rarity - but it's a great tune and a great setting of the Lord's Prayer.

It was a great day.  What did you think?

*By the way, the songs link to iTunes, where you can purchase them and worship through the week...


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I love AS IT IS IN HEAVEN... haven't done it yet--but l plan too.

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