Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This made me cry today.

I'm floored when God reveals some part of life to me, when I - in my utter self-absorption - am running around caught up in all the minute details of my life, and things like this are happening right around the corner.

God of mercy, grace and compassion - give us your eyes to see, and hearts to understand the painful challenges facing the people around us.  

The ones who give care.

The ones who receive care.

The ones who don't care.

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Donny said...

Hi, Beth!
I just discovered your blog through a google search. I have a similar blog at mercyandgrace.net that I started a few months ago. I have added a link to your site - hope you don't mind.
It would be great if you could view my site and - if you're OK with it - mention me or link to me from your site. We can share viewers, reach more people, and help each other spread the message!
I didn't see an email to contact you. Anyway, thanks so much for what you're doing. I know it takes time to keep up a blog but yours is really beautiful and I'm sure God is using it to reach many people!!
God bless you and your beautiful family!