Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Workday

I'm whipped.

But in a good way.

We kicked off a new series at church today, and everybody was back in the saddle after all the Christmas breaks and vacations and whatnot.  It felt the same, and yet it was different.  We are tackling 2009 with purpose and intention, as we prepare to move into our first permanent facility and continue to follow God's leading.  It's very cool.  Our pastor was bold today, at one point stating that we were going to do some things that might upset some people, make others uncomfortable; but that we were commited to God's vision for this church and planned to focus exclusively on that.  And we had to realize that "it's not about you."  And if you have a problem with that, maybe you should find another church.


Brian is able to deliver these sorts of messages with a gentleness mixed in with his passion; he really loves people and he loves God's church.  So I don't think it's really offensive to many people.  In fact, it might be a welcome release to some.

It feels good to feel momentum.

I'm transitioning into a communications role coupled with my music/production/programming role.  It's fun and I love it, although I seem to find something every day that I didn't do correctly or forgot or overlooked.  It's so hard being human....

My biggest venture in the past few days has been finishing work on our new website.  We purchased it from Clover and so far have been pleased with how easy it's been to navigate.  A few of us on staff have put most of the new site together and I've been heavily involved.  I've enjoyed learning something new.  Check it out here - hopefully the link will work, as we announced that we'd launch Monday, January 12.

I'm tired.  Looking forward to an easier day tomorrow.  Hoping to get the Christmas tree down (yes, seriously) and tidy up the house before next week explodes into activity.


Ktea said...

i am happy. :]

and i like the new website. good idea to just purchase one, rather than try to scratch one up...did you get my facebook comments? there's a couple pages where the scroll bar doesn't go down completely, and i can't finish reading the paragraph.

i'm using firefox on a mac, so it might work fine in other browsers on pc or something...i dunno =p

dorothy (vicar of vibe) said...

Man, if I lived down there I would definitely give your church a try. I totally agree, why do people think church is about them? It's about what God is calling your church to be.
And you are moving in to a new facility. That is awesome.
I'm excited to find out more about where your church is going...
That website floats my boat. I have been working with a team that has been trying to update our website so that it reflects who we truly are at XC. Our current website is so "not there" that I NEVER link to it. We have finally convinced the powers that be (PTB) to go with a group called Site Organic. We considered Clover.
Looking forward to hearing more about the changes.

Jan said...

so i'm loving that you wrote "It's so hard being human". Yes, it keeps me humble. Girl, I can't believe you're adding to your JD. I don't think I could handle anything else at all so kudos to you....

Congrats on the new building and the momentum. It's been SO LONG since I've felt we truly had sustained momentum with all the crud we've been through. We're almost to the end perhaps though and I can't wait!