Thursday, January 15, 2009

Making Something Out Of Nothing

The church gets to be the church when we reach out and help someone.  Sometimes it's an emotional need, sometimes spiritual.  Sometimes people need a friend, a listening ear.  Sometimes they need guidance and direction.

Sometimes they need the basics of life.

Frances and Shannon Wells go to our church.  They are a young couple with three small children - Andrew, Brittney and Lee.  They're awesome people.

Yesterday, their house burned.  They were renting, and without renter's insurance, they're left with nothing.


We're rallying around them to help - at band rehearsal last night, our small group of musicians handed over gift cards from their own Christmas gifts and over $400 in cash.  One of the junior high small groups took Frances shopping and spent $120 on basic necessities for the family.

Maybe you'd like to help, too. Nothing like the joy of making something out of nothing...

The church is handling monetary donations; you can contact the church office at 804.598.1174 or at You can mail a contribution to:

The Wells Family
c/o Powhatan Community Church
P.O. Box 834
Powhatan, VA

If you have any tangible items you would like to donate, please contact John Starkey (

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