Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hallelujah To The God Who Saves

Sometimes I realize with profound clarity that the life of our church community is complex and far-reaching.  I know that there are dynamic and fascinating small groups meeting every night of the week all over the county; folks are meeting for discipleship classes, connected at the Y, meeting for coffee, stopping by the office for appointments, working at the church house in Cartersville, planning events, etc.  PCC folks are networking all over the place.  And obviously we get together for our large celebration and worship experience on Sundays at PHS.

Tonight, I was reminded about how powerful any of our gatherings can be.  There's this verse in the Bible that says, "Where two or more or gathered, I'm there" (referring to Jesus).  I experienced that tonight, as I do every time I visit FOCUS.

Teenagers meet on Sunday nights at Powhatan Elementary School.  The crowd varies, as do the activities.  Tonight, they finished up a series called Collide that featured several youth speakers, as well as youth pastor Angie Frame.  Marc Chewning did a fantastic job, reminding us of a couple things that caught my attention.

"God's called every one of us to SOMETHING.  Some of us are missing this."

I was led in worship, simply and gently, by a graceful, beautiful girl who sang songs of praise with her guitar and her angelic voice.  (Okay, it was my daughter - so I'm a little biased - but even if I didn't know the girl, I'd be blessed.)  In this hollow room, without fancy sound equipment or lights or anything but each other, a small group of people sang loudly and passionately about God.

"Hallelujah to the God who saves
I will never be the same
Hallelujah to the God who saves
I'll stand and my world will be changed"

I was so blown away, but by the smallest, most intimate thing:  A community of people, seeking God, simply being together.  It was awesome.

I love my church.  I love my God.  I am so grateful.

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Connie K. said...

I was struck by your comment about people meeting throughout the week. Wouldn't it be cool if we could map all our activity (both time and location) for a week? That would be COOL.