Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!

We got snow last night - a big load!  It's the biggest and best snowfall we've seen in Virigina since we arrived five years ago!  

We tried to dig up snow pants and coats - unfortunately, most of what we have has been outgrown.  Gloves and mittens were hard to find as well.

But we made the best of it and the kids have had a great time playing outside.

No power at our house, so we've relocated to my parents' place for a day.  Or two.  Rumor has it that today's Snow Vacation will be extended to a two-day break.  It might be tough, being gone for two days from home with nothing to do.

Except Mom and Dad have cable.


WhatAboutNovember said...

You're welcome. We ordered it up special, just for you. ;) Enjoy your taste of Ohio weather! :)

Bill said...

Indeed....every district that I know have exceeded their 5 day calamity day limit.....although judging by these's another example of the Brawleys turning lemons....into lemonade! We love you and will likely be seeing you in June!