Monday, March 16, 2009

Perry Noble At Unleash

Here's the link to the main teaching sessions from the Unleash Conference that we attended last week. Give yourself some time and watch it. It's as important as your Sunday morning attendance.

Be forewarned: Perry Noble doesn't pull any punches. But be advised: this man loves Jesus and has committed his life to serve him and lead others to the cross.

Enjoy - and let me know what you think.

You can see both sessions on Tony Morgan's blog.  Check it out!


vicki said...

WOW, I listened to this sermon and enjoyed every minute of it. I had never heard of this guy before. I have been in a traditional church for so long, I guess I'm missing a lot. He was really speaking to me. We have been in our church for 25 years and things need to change, I've felt that for a long time, but wasn't sure if it was just me being tired or what.

Thanks so much for sharing this, I needed the exposure to this guy. God sure spoke to me. said...

your link to Tony Morgans blog under the video is broken link :(