Sunday, February 7, 2010

God And Dog

Of all the great things that have come out of today's PCConline service, I think this might be my favorite. Not only because of what it is - which is incredibly creative and clever - but also because of how I heard about it.

A Twitter-er who goes by the g00g01p1ex tag watched with us last week. I'm not sure how she heard about the service, but she did. She came back again this week, and Tweeted me a link to this video in response to the grace-filled talk that Brian gave today.

Take a look; if you heard today's message, do you see the connection?

Thanks, Leslie....


Leslie P said...

Beth, you are quite welcome! I saw the link to that video about a week ago on another Pastor's blog, and loved it. Hearing the message today made me think of the video (and its catchy song) again, and could not help but share!

Blessings to you!

Patty P said...

My dad has always said that dog's taught him how to love.

Something about that waggin tail and that smile that just melts your heart every time.