Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Life, Going On

Three weeks after the earthquake in Haiti, help and healing are happening.

Check in with the Livesays here. And don't forget to pray for the country and the people of Haiti.

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Enchanted Oak said...

Hi, Beth. I follow your blog, because I like your attitude. I've been following the Livesay Haiti blog too. You might want to come by my blog today, tomorrow, whatever. I'm doing a help-Haiti challenge to benefit the Livesay's Heartline clinic. My family will donate $2.00 for every blogger who participates in the challenge by posting a list of simple things that you appreciate, and linking to my blog. The postings need to happen Saturday or Sunday. Follow my profile link to my blog for today's information about it.
Please tell your friends. I want to donate at least $150-something. I need more people to participate besides my own followers.