Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Days

Here's a few snapshots from behind the scenes of Sunday's online church broadcast.

I'm revisiting the event. I have a lot to process, you know...thinking about what we did and how it worked...and wondering what we would do differently next time.

I'm thinking about that a LOT.

We're sitting under 13" of snow right now - school cancelled today and tomorrow for most of the area. Expecting more precipitation tomorrow.


When I lived in Ohio, this was a way of life. But here? The Old Dominion can't seem to cope.

And I'm beginning to wonder what we might have to do NEXT WEEKEND if we can't get into the high school to have church services...

So - here's my question to those of you who witnessed last week's episode of PCCOnline:

What are two things that we could do to improve your
live, online worship experience?
Your comments are welcome below....

Our neighbors - Shelly, Macy (the most incredible reading genius ever!) and April - and me, doing some tech cramming at the last minute...

Brian, doing a last-minute read-through of the message...

Our neighbor Chad, who ran the camera and kept the tech part together.

The "congregation" - at least the part that we could see - which consisted of all of our kids.

Sarah and Andy leading worship.


Christian Miller said...

it's like this! it was so genuine. i'm not sure how i would like too many changes!

camera looked a little grainy (other camera options?)

for the other site in the future: green screen options?

words for worship songs alternating from looking at singers to words

all this is so hard to do LIVE though. and aaaah! the genuinity (wait, is that a word) of last sunday was SO TOUCHING.

I pray with whatever changes made, that THAT is in no way lost. My friends from all over were so touched and literally in tears afterwards talking about the service with me on the phone! love you all!

susan said...

i think it was awesome and something we need to look at doing something, if not this, like this in the future for every week.

i would suggest that brian ask participants not to chat during his preaching (especially the kids) as it was so distracting. i would try and make it full screen but it seemed to lock up more then.

all in all, loved it and what a way to say "greater things are yet to come, greater things are still to be done in this city"!!!!