Sunday, September 5, 2010

Do Not Put In Eyes

It's an amazingly gorgeous day today. We'd planned a bike ride after church, which morphed into a bike ride after a nap.

It was a good nap, the kind where you sleep so hard and deeply that upon awakening, you have no idea where you are. Or what day it is. But I woke up to such a beautiful sight as the sunlight bounced off the trees outside through the open window that it didn't matter. Did I mention that it's a gorgeous day?

I rolled off the bed and groped through my purse, looking for my eye drops. Naps with contacts are not such a good idea.

No luck finding the eye drops, so I stumbled into the bathroom for my bottle of saline. I grabbed the bottle, popped open the cap and leaned my head back. A few drops would be enough; the container was about four inches above my eye. I squeezed and waited for the cool sensation of saline.

Surprise. I grabbed the wrong bottle.

The anticipated moisture relief turned into writhing, moaning, and a chant of "TONY-TONY-TONY-TONY-TONY-HEELLLLLLPPPPPPPP!"

And so our bike ride is postponed, and I'm enjoying what remains of this beautiful day nursing a very sore eyeball.

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