Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Twas The Night Before The First Day Of School

It's the night before the first day of school, and some things never change.

I can't sleep.

I was reminiscing a bit, remembering that this is the fifteenth year I have done this. Starting with Sarah going to kindergarten in Joshua, Texas, a million years ago...now she is a sophomore in college and here we go again.

This year will be different. Only three kids are headed out tomorrow morning; Sarah and Shannon have been in class for a few weeks at college. We're done with elementary school.

My, how time does fly.

Here's a photo of all of them in 2007:

The Brawley Bunch, September 2007
And tomorrow they'll rise and shine and put on their new outfits and grab their heavy backpacks and off they'll go.

They are going full-speed-ahead towards the rest of their lives, bright new worlds opening up with careers and families and joy and sorrow and all that comes with the privilege of being alive.

Me? I'm inching closer towards something. It sure feels different.

I'm okay with that, I think. I like where I am. But there is no small measure of grief and how the days flit past before you even realize they're gone...

I've blogged for several years now; if you care to relive The First Day Of School 2007, be my guest.

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Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly! Our youngest is now in the 11th grade. Ready to drive (yikes! My baby driving?) When did that happen?
Glad to hear another mom's sentiments. I'm ok with where I am but it sure changes your perspective, doesn't it?

Beverly - Ohio