Monday, September 27, 2010

What's The Difference?

Another long day at PCC yesterday - but SO worth it! I referenced on Facebook the 13-hour workday that most of us had put in yesterday. A friend commented, "Awesome - you only had to work a 1/2-day!"

Ha. He works at a church, too.

We ended the evening with a night of worship, communion and vision-casting. We had a full band, most of whom had been there (along with the full tech team) since 7:00 AM. It was exhausting but great fun for us all.

Here's something interesting I noted: the audience participation last night was off the charts. The difference between the AM and PM services were like night and day. And for the musicians on the platform, this is a HUGE thing. We feed off the energy in the crowd to a degree that you might not imagine if you're not watching for it. Last night was so energizing and refreshing for us, to see (and hear) singing and movement and obvious engagement.

And I'm wondering: Why? What's the difference between the morning and the evening? If you were part of the gathering last night, I'd love your feedback. Is it because of how we design the services? Expectations? Morning versus evening?

As we move forward and contemplate adding a third service to accommodate growth, your input could be quite valuable. Would you mind taking a few minutes to share your thoughts?


Connie K. said...

The evening service was made up of people who self-identified as PCC core leaders. There's automatically a deeper level of engagement and energy and shared sense of mission/vision.

mary (elizabeth) said...

I agree with Connie. I also think that there is something significant about evening hours. People tend to be more open to intimate occassions...perhaps our guard is down. Plus, the mood was set. Darkened room, candles lit, core leaders, and it was evening. There's something sacred about a group of leaders meeting at night to encounter Jesus. Those things us, I think.