Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Wall? Stayin' Alive? You Decide

This ought to mess you up. Just a bit.

Found at, of all places, a blog on theology, which I read daily because the author challenges me and makes me think. It's the prologue to my seminary education.

But I doubt this would be part of the curriculum.

HT to Daniel Kirk


Anonymous said...

that is just messed up!


Danny Buetow said...

Odd. Somehow, it works though. But still, just plain odd.

Connie K. said...

Wow, a very clever mashup. This takes me back to my high school days, as my high school was in THE "Saturday Night Fever" neighborhood of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. There were a lot of John Travolta wanna-bees at my school (white suits and slicked back hair). And the crowd I hung out with? The rocker-hippie-punks,who listened to a lot of Pink Floyd. I think if anyone back then would have heard this version, a fight would have broken out!