Monday, October 25, 2010

Study Break 2010

This year has been ridiculous in terms of scheduling. The summer flew by, our vacation was out of the ordinary and unusual. The typical, tradition summer rhythm was abandoned in favor of just getting through it all.

One of the losses for me was my study break. Part of my work life includes standard vacation time and study break, which is a strategic and intentional block of time that allows me to focus in depth on an area of study, planning or anything else related to my job responsibilities. Scheduling it last summer was impossible, and I felt the pressure of too much stuff going on at church and was reluctant to break away.

It hurt me. I have felt it in the past few months; I've been on the edge in terms of emotional and physical exhaustion. I'm not as healthy as I should be.

We're in a season now that offered a window of time, and I've grabbed it. This week is my study break - a bit unusual, in that I'll be staying close to home. I have a plan and a schedule and I intend to lean into it.

I'll be better for it.

I wrote about previous study breaks here and here and here. One of my favorites was this trip, which I also wrote about here. I'll update later with this week's experiences. But so far, just a few hours in, this is what study break 2010 looks like:

I need a shower...

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