Monday, February 13, 2012

Picaken Update

I must sadly report to you, my faithful readers, that the Picaken was not met with the inspirational, passionate reception I envisioned.

My children - all five of them - turned up their noses at the Picaken, regardless of its intricate, beautiful structural complexity.

My husband, although he ate two fairly sizable pieces, neither cheered nor smothered me with kisses of gratitude. Instead, his reaction was more along the lines of (and I quote):

"I think maybe I prefer my pie and cake to stay separated."

Lord, have mercy. A huge mess of homemade buttercream icing, along with a homemade cherry pie and that delicious devil's food cake....and the Picaken sits, lonely and abandoned, with a scant four pieces removed.
(He had two. I had one last night and one today.)

And then, when my husband awoke today, he said, "No more carbs or sugars for me. New diet."

I'm not sure I'm up to interpreting what all of this means, but I guess that was my first - and last - Picaken.

Anybody wanna come over and help me finish it?


Brandee Shafer said...

Wanna ride over, right now, to my dirty log cabin for Picaken, cupcakes, and Scrabble? scandalous! You should do it! I have plenty of Mountain Dew to keep us awake!

lorwhee said...

Bring it to work tomorrow and make the staff eat it. That's a real objective audience there.

*Shannon said...

Hey! I was not there. I'm sure I would have loved it, and I would love to finish it with you. But I have some chocolate covered strawberries to eat :)

jf said...

Darn!!! And this sounded like such a great idea. I'm afraid it doesn't bode well for the lasagnacakin I'm a makin.