Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another Day, Another Few Thousand Grains of Sand

The day started early; the girls wanted to see the sunrise, so they were up at 6:00 a.m. I heard them and decided to sit with them on the beach.

Emerald Isle sits facing south, so catching the rising of the sun is a bit trickier than usual. Unfortunately, we were thwarted, as a massive cloud covered the eastern sky. Though it grew lighter and lighter, we never really saw the sun until about 8:00.

The girls gave up, trotted down the beach to their grandparents' place and talked their grandma into making them pancakes. Then they took a nap.

How about those freckles? They run in the family; this is my neice, Emily.

Building sandcastles was today's project; the sea was very rough.

David is very protective of his little cousin Levi. Here, he is trying to explain to Levi why he can't go into the ocean (too rough)..., David resorts to violence. Levi is rather stubborn.

Whoa, check out that bathing beauty! Not bad for an old woman...

The way most evenings end...

I am NOT working!!!!


Jayne said...

Playing in the sand, napping, reading, blogging (not working...ahem)... pretty perfect vacation. :c)

Mary said...

Yes, perfect vacation. I[m envious.

Dancing on the ceiling said...

What a marvelous vacation! Great pictures--hope you got lots of rest.