Wednesday, August 8, 2007

We've Had Company

Today is the last day of our time with Christine and KP. Two years older than Sarah, Christine is a dear friend from Ohio. KP is her cousin, who lives in PA. They took a road trip this summer, post-graduation and found their way to Virginia. They've been here for a week - shopping, giggling, laughing, playing the piano, singing, shopping, eating, shopping, talking, reminiscing, shopping...well, you get the picture.

Saturday night they went out to a local mall to see the Plain White T's. Somehow they cajoled Sarah into going onstage to sing for a talent show. She came in third - but gets a huge prize for willingness to sing in front of several hundred people - a capella, unprepared.

Sarah, Shannon, KP and Christin in Carytown.

Three best friends at church Sunday morning.
We've had a good time, and we're sad to see them go. But NOBODY is getting enough sleep around here....

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Willy said...

Sarah is looking to me like a chip off the ol block.