Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I've been setting aside money for a few months; the unexpected funeral or wedding, other occasions that brought in an extra $50 here and there. We decided, as a family, that we'd like to have a Wii. We have NEVER owned any sort of gaming system. The boys have GameBoys, a PSP and a DS (all gifts from their dad), but we have never purchased a Playstation or any other type of system.
The Wii seemed different, though. We borrowed one from a friend and found it to be lots of fun.
So, we agreed to "Wii" it and I set out to find one.
Easier said than done. I looked for over a month, and NEVER found a store in the Richmond area that had any in stock. I received lots of advice, from "buy one on eBay" to "get the Sunday paper, and if you see it advertised, get there - QUICK!" I finally just tucked my money in a safe spot and decided that we'd get one when the demand died down.
Well, on our staff retreat, the adults made a Walmart run a few days before our families arrived. On a whim, I went to the electronic department and checked out the Wii situation.
No Wii.
However, my coworker started asking a few questions, and found out that they expected a shipment of 17 Wiis the very next night! Hope against hope, I went back - and there they were! I got one! Then my OTHER coworker went back and got one!

It has been worth every penny - one of the best investments in entertainment that I've ever made. We've had a blast. After a week, the kids have surpassed me in just about every sport. Watch my hand-eye coordination compared to their in tennis and it just might make you cry.
However, I am pleased to report that my last Wii Fitness Test found me hovering at age 33. Ha. Take that!

This shot, from our retreat time, showed David giving a reluctant hug. He has a bad habit of whacking people - surprising little 'love taps' or attention getters that border on rude and unacceptable. We made a new rule: every time he pops somebody, he has to hug them.
It's working!


Rainbow dreams said...

how fantastic - love the photos, we haven't got one but friends do - I'm so appaling it's fun..... hope I can have access to this blog Beth, much love Katie,x

Willy said...

Ah Ha...tennis....age 33...give me those controls and let me let you see 28 on a 62 year old!!!

Mary said...

Am I here on earth with y'all?

What's a Wiii!!!!!

Great photos. I remember loving Gina's teen girlfriends. They're SO silly :o)

Little David likes to whack? LOL!