Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mom and Dad

They set a great example of generosity. Mom and Dad place such a high value on us all being together, and they help in whatever way they can so that our family can gather here.
It feels a bit odd this year, as they are staying in their place and we're camping out in a house a few blocks away. I guess we've grown up. About time.
My parents have established principals of 'family first' and demonstrate a commitment that my brother and I - and our families - will be blessed to emulate. Some folks think it odd that we choose to vacation every year with our parents.
I think it's cool.


Willy said...

So do I think it's cool for kids to vacation with their parents SINCE AM THE PARENT!! I see you in your Mother.

Mary said...

Keep doing it, Beth. For as long as the traditional can be carried on. Enjoy your time.

Dancing on the ceiling said...

Great pictures of your folks and wonderful vacation memories. You are so blessed to have a cohesive family who can do things together.