Thursday, August 30, 2007

School Daze

The proverbial school bells are ringing this week. It's times like these that I wonder, "What was I thinking????" when I had five kids! I've been to four school orientations, shelled out hundreds of dollars in school fees (this is AFTER we've paid our taxes, folks!) and smiled encouragingly at several dozen teachers and administrators as I introduced myself and my kids.

Fortunately, both Sydni and Daniel are moving into teaching teams that we're familiar with; Syd has the same group of teachers that Shannon had two years ago, and Daniel has Syd's old sixth grade team. There's some familiarity there, as well as a minor affirmation on my part (right or wrong, I can't help but think that those teachers could have said, "Another one from THAT family? No way! GET THAT KID OFF MY CLASS LIST!" They didn't, so that makes me feel good...)

I'm done with school supplies and back-to-school clothes, because I am completely out of money. Their fees are paid, and we'll just hold our breath until payday - and eat lots of leftovers.

I'm looking forward to the structure that next week will bring. Everybody's stayed up late, enjoying this final week, but tonight I'm urging them all to bed a little earlier than usual. The house is chaotic. We're operating in a haze of denial and anticipation, as September rolls around once again.

As a former teacher, I have always felt energized and excited by the newness that fall brings. This year, I just feel rather tired. The kids are moving with energy, though. Syd has been involved in band camp since we returned from vacation; she's hauled her trombone around for a few weeks. Surprisingly, she absolutely loves marching band and has had a terrific time. Her first performance is this Monday at the Labor Day parade. I can't wait.

The older girls are excited about high school; photography and music theory for Sarah, journalism and a bunch of honors classes for Shannon. Daniel is excited about percussion class (one of 12 out of 120 picked for this class! Woo hoo!) and rec league soccer. David will be in second grade, playing soccer, looking forward to a good year - though he's the one that would rather stay home.

And me? I'm not going back to my second job this year. I'll be - hopefully - a little more focused, a little less the victim of Never Enough Time. Hopefully.

One more weekend before structure takes hold and shakes us out of our complacency. I intend to enjoy it!


KGMom said...

Yeah--I'd say you are right to wonder "what were you thinking."
BUT--I'd love to have your kids in my classes. Any parent who cares as much as you do gives her children such a boost! Nothing replaces parental involvement when it comes to academic success.
And just think, you will also get to attend 5 graduations!

Grace, Every Day said...

And five weddings....WAHHHH!!!!!

Rainbow dreams said...

enjoy the weekend Beth, I don't know how it's come round so fast... it's scary!
Take care,Katie,x

Songbird said...

Fall really feels like the New Year, but with pencils and trapper-keepers! I'm juggling preparing one to leave home and another to return to Middle School, and the younger one feels a bit neglected in the process, I fear.

Jayne said...

Heck, I wish we were just going back to school. We're heading into week four already! Hope everyone gets all settled in and is happy. :c)

Willy said... you know I bring a different perspective....our kids are all four over 25 years supplies AND WEDDINGS behind us....and now it's off to Yellowstone next week, Cancun in January and Paris in the spring! There IS life after ONLY 4 kids...actually with the kids (who now pay for our meals occasionally!) Tomorrow morning I will meet my oldest school principal son on the tennis court to settle the issue of whether his win in Florida was a "glitch or a trend!" LIFE IS GOOD..... CONTINUE TO BUILD INTO THEIR LIVES AS YOU HAVE BEEN....there's a great pay off ahead!

Mary said...


It's a time in your life that is exhausting and wonderful. The opening of school is always hopeful and exciting. Your five children are blessed to the max - no worries there.

I'm happy you'll have time for yourself. You NEED it.

Watch them grow and become independent. And be there when they need you. That's all.

Africakid said...

What a fun mix of classes for your kids! And it's good to hear you won't be pulled in two directions with jobs. Have a wonderful autumn. By the way, I like your new title--Grace, Every Day--good reminder for me.