Sunday, January 31, 2010

God Speaks In My Bathroom

I spent most of Saturday preparing for streaming our 'PCCOnline Experience'. Typically, it takes an hour or two of weekend prep time to make sure that we have everything lined up for church - but this was completely different. Lots of technical issues and things that were completely unfamiliar to me; I was feeling a bit of pressure.

When I woke Sunday morning, I made some coffee, started getting ready and found myself overwhelmed with all that we ought to do - what we shouldn't do - what had to go right - what couldn't go wrong...

And at one point, with a million thoughts going through my brain, I thought, "Well, at least we'll have a good time doing this." With Brian and his family coming over, plus Chad and his crew, Andy and Lori and my entire family, I knew that it would be fun.

At that moment, I felt - as I have before - the gentle, corrective voice of God. Sometimes it sounds like my conscience. Sometimes it's just seemingly random wisdom. Often, it happens in my bathroom (go figure).

This time, it was strong and gentle - affirming and authoritative.



I stopped, dead in my tracks in my bathroom. And I sat down to pray.

My perspective changed, immediately. I understood that more than just some fun use of technology or a fun experiment, this was something definitive and intentional to which God had called us. The snow provided the circumstance and opportunity - but God orchestrated our response. Looking backwards beyond my stress and tension, I could see more clearly.

And I got it.

What happened today fit the mission statement of PCC. It helped us reflect the goodness of God and our passion for Him.

And it's given us so much food for thought.

Thanks for being there; thanks for the feedback, the real-time discussion. Thanks for telling your friends.

It was a good day.

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Angie said...

I was so sorry to have missed it :(

I went to work on Friday, came home about 8pm and packed my bags. I knew it was going to be long weekend ahead of me. Working 3 12 hour shifts is tiring, but I knew with the snow that I would probably be living at the hospital all weekend.

So when I heard we were doing this, I was so excited! Me and several of the nurses that camped at St. Francis all weekend were ready to watch church (at work) on Sunday. But our network blocked the site... we were sad :(

But everyone thought it was such a cool thing, and for us that have to work weekends, to be able to possibly go to church was an awesome thing.

My friends want to know if it was recorded? and where they can watch it....

Pretty cool! My church rocks!!