Friday, July 18, 2008

Study Break 08

In spite of the fact that I had a great two weeks out of town, on vacation and 'sort-of' study break (I did some good reading), something in me has been saying that I needed to really have a study break. Part of my job includes study break time, and I either use it or lose it. For me to get away, it's imperative that I know the kids are settled somewhere, rather than leaving them alone or farming them out to somebody.

Because of everybody's schedules this summer, it's been hard to find that time.

But I grabbed a few days this week, before David comes home on Sunday (the other kids are going to camp), and I headed to the mountains. It's too short, but I figured it would be better than nothing.

And wow.

I have met with God. He has shown me 'signs' that are almost funny, which does something amazing to my heart. I feel like I have a relationship with my Father that is growing and expanding and becoming truer and more intimate daily. I have no doubt that the primary reason is because I've taken seriously the call to spend time reading the Bible daily. I'm using the journal we made available at church, and knowing that so many of my friends and PCC family members are doing the same has really helped.

Last night, I listened to three hours of amazing music, performed by some of the finest 'hidden' musicians in America. Lots of old time cowboy music, which is not necessarily a style I love, but when you hear music done with excellence and passion, it's good no matter the style. I heard some incredible western swing music performed by a master. It was a good evening.

And today, I had the best day of the summer thus far. It didn't seem to consist of much in the details, but overall, it was tremendous and restorative. I took another 'walk in the woods' and had a great conversation with God, although the devil must have gotten ticked and sent mosquitoes. Eventually I had to bail.

I played the finest piano I've played in years for about two hours, a beautiful Steinway; just improving and messing around, actually working on a transition for a tune we're doing on Sunday, and then playing some Mozart sonatas. I'm reminded that I am a musician, and not just somebody who plays in church. It was very healing.

I have walked quietly and smiled at people and said, "Hi", but refrained from relational challenges. I have thought a lot about who I am and where I am, and what God is calling me to do next.

I read the rest of the book of Acts and enjoyed every minute.

And for a while, I just sat. I was still.

And I was with God.

There is nothing better.


annie said...

Wow! It sounds great, and refreshing!I'm glad you got to get away.

kim said...

This brought tears to my eyes. Apparently what you provided for yourself--time, space--is something I could use as well. :)

Jayne said...

Sounds like just what you needed Beth. Glad the time away was so restorative for you. Hugs!