Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Snow Storm And The Dawn Treader

What a crazy week. Due to snow (minor amounts) and broken water mains, my high school aged kids went to school once this week. Great for them, as they end up with a three week winter break. David had to go twice.

It was great to have them home so much more, but it made the entire week nutty. I couldn't remember what day we were on, and I still can't believe tomorrow is Sunday. Actually, today is Sunday. It's almost 1:00AM and I'm nowhere near sleepy.

Today (uh...I mean yesterday) was Sarah's 20th birthday, which meant dinner at my mom's and loads of fun. We had to shop today, because add to the craziness the fact that we are celebrating Christmas Eve tomorrow night, with December 20th being our "Christmas morning" and you've got one upside-down, confused family. With a firm deadline on finishing all Christmas shopping before an all-day rehearsal at the church tomorrow....sigh....

I can't keep sense of it all.

It has been a good week, though. One highlight: taking a break from work midday Friday and going to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the third in the Narnia series. These stories are close to our hearts, as we listened to the entire series on audio books during a season of life that saw us making the eight-hour journey to Ohio on a monthly basis. We'd get closer and closer to the meeting place at Tamarack, and the kids would plead, "Slower, Mom! Slow down! We have to get to the end of this chapter!"

Aslan and Edward and Caspian championed us through a tough time of our lives. The movies are visual representations of some very powerful parts of our history.

This third movie is, in a word, awesome! I highly recommend it. Make sure you catch up on the first and second installments before you go. I was absolutely thrilled with the story, the characters, the actors, the special effects. I loved Eustace and the redemption of his terribly grumpy attitude. Loved the story; every time Aslan comes on the screen, my heart quivers and I cry.

Powerful stuff, this. The allegory is rich and surprisingly moving. Go see this movie. Take kids with you.

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