Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wonder: Reverb10

December 4 – Wonder
How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year? 

I tried to be very intentional this year about including art in my life in a way that transcended my job. There are a few specific events that stand out.

My mom and I went with my three daughters to see Wicked, an incredible touring company production at Richmond's Landmark Theater. The story is clever and creative, the music beautiful. The performances were brilliant. It was a wonder-filled moment, made richer because of the company.

I spent a Sabbath morning roaming the halls of the newly refurbished Virginia Museum of Fine Art. Transported to another time by the American art that leads through decade after decade of change, chaos, love and war in our country. Although I'm certain the intent was not such, I came away feeling a deeper sense of patriotism. I love the museum. And IT'S FREE. HELLO? Wonder, doubled when my husband joined me for a brief tour of my favorite pieces. Wonder tripled when my mom and I returned for a special quilt show.

Tony and I had first rate (FRONT ROW!) seats for The Jimi Hendrix Experience, again at the Landmark. I was happy to go because I knew my husband would be delirious with joy; the sense of wonder got me with a sneak attack. I loved every second of every guitar solo. And there were a LOT of guitar solos. Joy, joy, joy! And surprise wonder!

Just last night our church staff experienced Behold The Lamb,  a Christmas musical presentation by Andrew Peterson and several of his fellow folk singer friends and relations. It was an experience possessed by a depth of spiritual wonder that I hadn't sensed in some time. Very liturgical, in the sense that a good percentage of the crowd was familiar with the work - which songs came when, where the climax occurred, how the "hallelujahs" arrived. This group has toured for eleven Christmas seasons with this show, and the ritual has power. Beautifully and emotionally executed, flawlessly played. Being surrounded by friends and coworkers exponentially increased the wonder.

We had an incredible experience at church a few weeks back, when we set the stage in the middle of the room, pulled in all new sound and light equipment and had a worship experience "in the round". I lead worship and play music weekly, and it's always - always - a profoundly moving experience. But surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, the wonder seemed to come hover all around. It will not be forgotten.


Connie K. said...

Re your last paragraph...that held a sense of wonder for me too.

annie said...

Love your "wonders"! So far, these prompts have made me realize I want to pay more attention to my life and not to get bogged down in the mundane!