Friday, July 11, 2008

Innovation At Its Best

I've been lurking around sites like lifehacker for a while now, and reading posts by guys like Fred and Tim and Chris who are all, "Hey, everybody, awesome new technological woo-doo doo-dad making life easier, so cool, have you checked it out yet?"

And though I did not go buy a new iPhone (because I have Verizon, and I happen to like them. Most of the time. Therefore, my choices are limited.), I decided to do something innovative and new. Technologically speaking, that is. I suppose I could have cleaned my bathroom - now that would have been innovative. And new. But I digress.

I downloaded Firefox. Mainly because I was reading TIME magazine and one of the brief blurbs said I ought to be using Firefox.

Look at me, internet! Being all cool and on the cusp of innovation! Inspired by TIME, which I read because my mom gives me her hand-me-down copies (thanks, Mom! And by the way, why don't you ever leave me a comment? I know you're reading this.)

Okay, maybe not so innovative. But Firefox is a heck of a lot faster than IE.

On a side note, my phone alarm is going off. My phone is downstairs. Interesting fact about me: i have a 10:00 p.m. alarm on my phone, designed to remind me to a) take my Zyrtec, and b) go to bed. At my age, you think I wouldn't need to be told to go to bed. But I do.

Though I usually don't. Go to bed, that is. I mean when my alarm goes off. Of course, the ironic part is that right now, I am in bed. And my alarm is going off to tell me to go to bed. But my phone is downstairs. so I have to get out of bed to go get my phone.

And I'm out of Zyrtec.

Sometimes life just doesn't seem to work.

And that's quite enough italicization for one day.



Ktea said...

I have to set an alarm on my phone too, to remind me to take my pills.

otherwise, I will most likely forget, and that would NOT be good. D:

Jayne said...

And you'll especially LOVE it that Firefox remembers user names and passwords so beautifully! A 40+ year old's dream browser, it is!

Fred McKinnon said...

Hey Beth,
Congrats on using Firefox - it's way cool. Any time you can jump the "Microsoft" ship, it's a good jump in my eyes (hahaha).

OK, Zyrtec ... available now w/o a prescription, but still nearly twice as much as Walmart's generic "claritin" (loratadine, or something like that) .... is it worth it? Work twice as good as loratadine (if that's how you say it)?

My wife is getting those loratadine (generic claritin) @ Walmart ... a bottle of 30 for less than $8 I think. gotta love that.

PS: thanks for the link!

*Shannon said...

Haha, me and Travis walked into the house yesterday and your alarm started going off. I had to explain that even though you HAVE an alarm, it doesn't do any good. Ha, love you!

Anonymous said...

this is makin' me laugh. the phone alarm part especially.

and I get you on the whole 'hey look at the cool new [insert gadgety thing]!' I can't keep up either.

Chris from Canada said...

I love the woo-doo doo-dads!! :)